Sou Fujimoto Architects

Primitive Future House (N House), 2003

The entire construction of this research project designed in 2001 is composed of staggered strata of slabs spaced at 350 mm. The chairs, tables, floor, roof, shelves, staircase, lighting, structure and garden are all based on 350 mm. This measurement refers to the human body: a height of 350 mm for a chair; double that for a table; and half that for a step on the staircase. A space with heterogeneous features emerges from this succession of different levels. 350 mm is the measure for a new architecture. It is equal to approximately 1/10th of the one traditionally used. New relations arise between architecture and the body. The different levels have a relative meaning. The occupants of a place will assign a function to them and make them their own, thereby making this configuration a dwelling. The aim is not to create a functionalist machine for living in, but rather a space for in living. The space is a “trigger” or a “clue,” so to speak, a primitive space. It is a house of discomfort, imbued with bothersome aspects that provoke action, the way “nature” challenges humanity.

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