Didier Fiúza Faustino

Alice House, 1999

In his “Alice House,” Faustino created an “interstice” in latex, a sort of fibrous and flexible membrane that links two houses. This architecture can be imagined on several different scales, and poses a series of questions about property, the future of architecture, territoriality, corporality, etc. On the urban scale, this in-between state questions urban zoning laws and the very concept of private property (who owns this in-between state?). On the construction scale, it can be read as an extension, a virtually organic outgrowth that enables a change in state: a future “two” and not just a simple footbridge “between” two. Finally, on the individual human scale, it is a space that raises the user’s awareness of movement and of his own body as well as the passage from one state to another.

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