Sarah Fauguet & David Cousinard


Since the mid-2000s, Sarah Fauguet and David Cousinard have been developing an art whose formal vocabulary unabashedly borrows from architecture, furniture, science-fiction and film décor. Listing these areas of reference, however, in no way specifies the elusive, troubling and even angst-inducing nature of most of their works. What in fact comes about from the encounter between these heterogeneous elements, their hybridization and their anti-natural assemblage is a tenacious confusion. Paradoxically, their pieces have to do with a familiar world while at the same time being asserted as “fleeting” forms. Through their scale, the installations and sculptures produced by Fauguet & Cousinard compete with the world; they determinedly address the body, and are part and parcel of the terrain of physical experience. Their works penetrate space, re-define it, and are offered to the onlooker’s eye like outbursts and spurts, “passage-like elements” making a breakthrough into a reality which then begins to waver. The mimetic and deviant volumes contain the secret of their appearance and their “activity”. In this way they inevitably summon up the imaginary. The art of Fauguet & Cousinard is often situated outside the work, not exclusively in the real space of the exhibition but also in the territory of fiction and mental projection. The artists use narrative schemes which are activated like screenplays; their pieces support each other by articulating tensions and openings, juxtaposing volumes the way you set up a sequence, and thinking about movement, and ellipsis… In sculpture, they re-enact the techniques of screen writing and, in so doing, produce objects which spill beyond their own limits, offering themselves, through their relentless style, like situations to be experienced.

Sarah Fauguet (1977) and David Cousinard (1976) live and work in Paris. They graduated from the Paris School of Fine Arts in 2001, and have had several solo shows (Life is [not] Beautiful, Châteauroux School of Fine Arts, 2011; Just Beside, I Prefer, Joseph Tang Gallery, Paris, 2013), and they have participated in many group shows (Et pour quelques dollars de plus, Fondation Ricard, 2008; Run Deep/Run Silent, Palais de Tokyo, 2012…)

Guillaume Mansart

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