DR_D (Dagmar Richter)

An Earthscratcher for Century City, Los Angeles, 1991

This research project imagined for Century City, a modernist commercial zone developed by 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles, attests to Dagmar Richter’s urban approach. She sees the city as the sedimentation of interacting “traces.” The city appears as an aerial layering of “traces” that withstand any “inscription.” For Richter, the city is a media generated text, altered by its producers and users; it is a geographic map, the “skin” of a territory and at the same time its representation. The sedimentary layers of the site are integrated into a spatial reading where all the levels of representation are simultaneously present. This reading forms a series of interpretations leading to a three-dimensional composition in which the different levels are designed as abstract patterns that can change in meaning according to their design, interpretation and especially their uses. The city is both the condensation of the traces of its past and their dissolution in the flow of traffic. Here, it extends horizontally above a freeway, following its path. The platforms and volumes belonging to the upper level of the structure are dedicated to pedestrians while the lower level offers artificial landscapes, and the interplay of light and shadow.

Nadine Labedade

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