Evan Douglis


The projects of the firm Evan Douglis Studio LLC, at the intersection of several disciplines – design, architecture and urbanism – utilize the logic of computer-assisted design and production. The principles of emergence and complexity written into the core of living systems guide the biomimetic approach of Evan Douglis, whose research is focused on self-generating systems, the technologies of membranes as well as computer-assisted fabrication processes (CAF). By relying on the key role of code in the process of generating form, the architect designs projects whose baroque exuberance updates the question of ornament in architecture. Thus, he is working towards defining a new rapport with space, notably through interactive multimedia installations that question and renew the relationship between the exhibition space and the works on display. Traditionally, museum design detaches objects from their ordinary context and in so doing modifies their own specific meaning. Douglis, on the contrary, explores this relationship and seeks to produce a space that is not frozen but which is rather a “mutant body,” capable of being both the space and the content of the exhibition, while a critical commentary on the status of the object in society focuses on virtual universes.

The American architect Evan Douglis (1959) founded the firm Evan Douglis Studio LLC in 1990. He has since expanded the scope of his research and teaching activity around the globe (Pratt Institute, Columbia University, CCNY, Université Internationale de Catalogne…). His work has been included in numerous group publications (10X10_2, 2005; Architecture Now 5, 2008) and in international exhibitions (ArchiLab, 2004; Biennale Rotterdam, 2007…). In 2005 he received the Design Merit Award at the international FEIDAD competition, as well as the ACADIA prize for Emerging Digital Practice in 2006.

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