dECOi (Mark Goulthorpe)


Since its founding in 1991, dECOi has played a singularly innovative role in the field of architecture through its use of digital technologies. Its approach is marked by a permanent quest for new generative possibilities for architecture, at the intersection of totally new procedures in conception and production. For dECOi, technical mutations result from a cultural experience in the broadest sense, into which architecture is integrated. The firm’s research on “parametric modeling,” which consists of utilizing the computer to create, not a finished model but a series of variable, “elastic” relations based on geometric elements, has enabled dECOi to explore a new dynamic of forms that create fluid, adaptable architecture capable of being generated in real time. This indetermination of form, a constant in the firm’s proposals, began in 1993 with their Glass Vessel project (coll. FRAC Centre). Some of its projects draw us into an architecture of exchange, not only of information with its environment, but one creating dynamic environments in space and time.

A firm of variable geometry, considered international due to its locations (Paris and New York) and the nationalities of its associates, dECOi is today made up 4 people: the director, Mark Goulthorpe (1963), graduate of Liverpool university and a former associate of Richard Meier, as well as the New Zealander Mark Burry (1957), professor and parametric design specialist, Alex Scott, PhD in mathematics and the French architect-designer Laurence Stern. Having frequently won awards not only in the art world (Royal Academy in London, French Ministry of Culture) but also in the field of architecture (among the thirty Emerging voices by the Royal Institute of Architects, second place of the BD (Building Design)/Corus Young Architect of the Year Award (YAYA) 1999, the Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design Award (FEIDAD) in 2001), dECOi was also invited to show in the International Pavilion of the 2000 Venice Biennale of Architecture and its work was exhibited in the context of the Non-standard Architectures exhibition (Centre Pompidou, 2003-2004).

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