Alec de Busschère


In 1998, U. C. BOX PROJECT carried on the project produced two years earlier for the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Charleroi, while exploring a new dimension. Invited to La Box in Bourges, Alec de Busschère opted to work on the spatial depictions of “ordinary” people. He drew up standard index cards, with a table made up of 15 parameters (from the floor area to the materials, by way of the light and the interior objects) which define a space, be it real or imaginary. These index cards were handed out in the street and distributed through mailing lists. Based on the answers, thus presented as a sequence of data (“surface: 69 sq. m.”; “proportions: deformed”…), the artist configured virtual volumes, using a computer programme, and then produced them in epoxy resin, all on the same scale. The number and diversity of these models came across with great power because of the way they were presented; they were overlaid on one and the same axis forming a sort of “skewer of models”. The myth of the ideal “suburban home”, based on a unique model suitable for one and all, was thus brusquely called into question.

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