Jordi Colomer

Artist (1962)

From his earliest days, in 1993, with Alta Comédia (1993), Jordi Colomer has been mixing sculptural work with theatrical and architectural references. Later on, video would become his favourite medium, and his first installation, shown in 1997 at the Contemporary Art Museum in Barcelona, resembled at the time an inhabitable sculpture, and a film narration—a principle which he would develop in projects then in the offing, such as The Little Piano, 1999; Les Jumelles/The Twins, 2000, and Le Dortoir/The Dormitory, 2001. It was in the early 2000s that he extended his investigations to the public place, to the suburbs, and to streets and roofs. The projects titled Anarchitekton (2002-04), No? Future! (Nantes, 2004), En la Pampa (Chile, 2008) and The Istanbul Map (2010) proposed “micro-fictions”, which were as realistic as they were strange. In them, Colomer challenges the relationship that his characters have with the constructed space in which they stroll about. The image here may be jerky and silent, as in the first movies in the history of film, thus bolstering the film’s artificial character, emphasizing its nature of construction, differing from a mere replica of reality. It is indeed the relations between fiction and reality, on the one hand, and between architecture and users on the other, which are being questioned here. The videos are themselves screened in spaces designed by the artist, installations which underscore the deceptive nature of the medium, and which the viewer experiences like a symbolic circuit: in them, the city appears as a “primordial stage” for our systems which symbolize the world. Colomer seeks to destabilize the spectator and puts him somewhere between what he knows and what he wants to believe, to a point where it sometimes seems hard to tell the simulacrum apart from reality.

Jordi Colomer studied in Barcelona, first at the School of Art and Design, then art history at the Autonomous University, and last of all architecture at the Advanced Technical School. His home base is still the Catalan capital, but the artist has been involved in various projects abroad, in particular in France, where he has been exhibiting on a regular basis since 2002, as well as in Chile and Turkey. A major catalogue of his oeuvre was published in 2003, and there was a retrospective show at the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris in 2008.

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