Laurent Chambert

Artist (1967)

Laurent Chambert is a multi-faceted and versatile figure, both a visual artist and a composer, who works space as much through visual installations as through acoustic works. If variability and transformation inform his musical praxis (he notably published Rose et noire in 2003, Tracé dans le bleu in 2006 with Marie Möör and A la folie in 2004), these factors also hallmark his visual works which associate different media: sculpture, video, drawing, etc. One of his earliest works, No61, Project to convert private space into public place (1993), turns the private space of the apartment into a public place exposed to everybody’s eyes. By way of an advertisement, Chambert in fact had the idea of offering his apartment for rent. This set, which includes a volume-box and four black and white photographs of drawings of the apartment made by computer, does not try to contextualize any reality. On the contrary, the artist tends to conjure up disappearance and memory through schematic and allusive representations. The project Télévision is also presented in many different variations: in one instance, it is composed of a black box containing a Fresnel lens and a monitor (Athénéum, in Dijon in 1993); in another, it turns into a music box at the Festival GMEM in Marseille in 1996, and “Tempête 256” at the Contemporary Art Centre in Castres in 2000. With the Ouverture automatique projects, an interactive video screening (1994-1997), Correspondances (1994-2006), Pare-brise/Windshield (1995-2006), and Quelque chose de nouveau/Something New (Performance) (2002-2004), Laurent Chambert recomposes the work in time, and turns it into work in progress.

Laurent Chambert was born in Saint-Etienne, and lives and works in Paris. He studied classical music (piano) and later went to the Saint-Etienne School of Fine Arts, before then returning to music. He has had many solo and group shows: Je veux (erotic) (Rose et Noire) in 2005, In/Out in 2006, Videospread RATP-Station Madeleine in Paris in 2007. His career has also been punctuated by a series of performances, including: Prosit (Rose et noire) at the Musée d’art Moderne et Contemporain in Toulouse in 2002, Je peins (ma vie de chien) (Rose et Noire) at the Contemporary Art Centre in Brétigny in 2003, and Ce mal qui fait du bien (Rose et Noire) in Lyon in 2004.

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