Betty Bui

Fenêtre sur Cour, 1993

In this project, the cylindrical volume with a large number of “windows” is akin to an architectural model, an improbable and almost absurd architecture. “Rear Window gives volume to two planes representing windows, one plane is concave, the other convex. It is in the layers of this sculpture that the successive inter-planes are joined together to give the illusion of a perspectival acceleration”, explains the artist. This strange work, 58 cm. in height and made of wood, seems to be the outcome of the combination of several objects with differing sizes and functions (helmet, parapet, building…). Somewhere between sculpture, design and architecture, she questions the Peeping Tom’s protected vantage point, in his helmet or in his apartment (Rear Window, needless to say, conjures up Hitchcock’s film in which James Stewart observes his neighbours from behind his windows), but also the adjusted gaze, framed by objects (helmet, windows, parapet). The small windows made in the wood do not however offer any “good” angle; they maintain the ambiguity between interior space and public place, and thus suggest that this is an object which is more mental than functional.

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