Tatiana Bilbao

Architect (1972)

Tatiana Bilbao began her academic pursuits studying drawing at Mexico’s Ibero-American University (UIA) of Mexico continuing in Italy before coming back to UIA where she graduated with a degree in architecture and urbanism, in 1996. She then worked for Seduvi, the Urban Development and Habitat Secretariat in Mexico City. In 1999, she co-founded the Research Laboratory on Architecture and Urbanism (LCM) in Mexico with Fernando Romero, and in 2004 started an architectural firm with David Vaner and Catia Bilbao. She was awarded the International prize for sustainable architecture in Paris in 2014. Her work combines modernity and craftsmanship, mobilizing traditional techniques such as clay or cement mixed with dry stone mixed with concrete. Some of her more notable projects include the building of the artist Gabriel Orozco’s home in 2008, as well as the rammed- earth Ajijic house in 2010, both located in Mexico.

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