Atelier Hitoshi Abe

I-House, Sendaï, 2000-2002

The design for the I-House, which is located on a steep slope, is based on the concept of an ascending spiral, twisting through the entire house and opening the view over the ocean. This enables the architect to adjust the house to the topography of the site, characterized by sharp slope: like a flexible band placed on the sloping terrain, the spiral follows its form as would a fluid. The organization of the program is linear and offers a continuous spiral path that gradually leads the visitor from the entrance on the lower level towards the living room, dining room and the kitchen. The “ribbon” then winds back above the entrance and leads to the bedrooms and a roof terrace which is connected to the highest point of the plot where a garden has been laid out. In the I-House, the spiral leading from the entrance to the terrace does not impose any sort of predefined form. It is simply designed to enable the inhabitants to build each level according to their own relationship with the environment.

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