Aristide Antonas

Architect (1963)

Aristide Antonas is an architect, author and PHD of  Philosophy (University of Paris X). He was also the cocommissioner  of the Greek pavilion at the 9th Venice  Architecture Biennale in 2004. His agency won the  2015 ArchMarathon prize for their Open Air Office,  and was nominated for the Iakov Chernikov prize  (2011). He runs the Architectural Design Masters  program at the University of Thessaly. His research  combines philosophy, art, literature and architecture.  He tackles issues relating to our habitat through the  creation of private residences and speculative projects.  The architectural and visual art he creates has been  presented in various places including the Venice  Biennale and at New York’s New Museum. He is the  author of six works of fictions and two theatre plays.

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