ACTAR Arquitectura

Tornado Tower, 2002

Designed in 2001, this project for a communication tower draws its inspiration from the "nature" of a tornado. Here, the firm is attempting to express the essence of the forces running through this object, its fluid dynamics. Whereas conventional towers are structurally supported by a central core of technical shafts, from which the floors are then suspended, the Tornado Tower is designed as a great transparent void. Its structural exterior skin supports all the elements – notably the technical platforms and communication antennae – as if this material were projected by centrifugal forces. This structural envelope is reinforced by a set of diaphragms composed of cables. The skin varies in density in line with the evolution of the tower's sectional plan, which itself depends on the elements that will be anchored to it. On the ground level, the same unravelling centrifugal dynamic affects the shape of the buildings serving the tower, as if to leave a physical the trace of its "passage."

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