ACTAR Arquitectura

70 logements au Mont Hacho, Ceuta, 1999

Perched on the slopes of Mount Hacho in Ceuta, a natural amphitheater facing the Mediterranean Sea, this housing project was designed within the framework of the 1999 Europan, in which it was a finalist. Using an experimental transposition of literary narration in architecture, ACTAR Arquitectura aims to "tell" a multitude of individual and personal stories all within the same coherent framework: a landscape of terraces, surfaces, colors and textures that are linked and slotted together, all with multiple vantage points. The design of each housing unit is based on a module of 4 x 4 meters, corresponding to the optimization of industrial prefabrication criteria, with a semi-equipped service wall. This wall, containing bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, closets, a kitchen module, a work top and even a staircase, acts as the backbone along which all the distributive and typological variations can be arranged. This system allows a flexible and programmed adaptation to the "individual stories" of the occupants.

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