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Sans titre

Sans titre, 1979-1985

Vladimir Zidlicky
  • Artist (1945)

Vladimir Zidlicky, who was born in 1945 in Hodonín in the Czech Republic, studied photography from 1971 to 1975 at the FAMU, the School of Film and Television of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He lives and works in Brno as a freelance photographer. He embarked on his career in the 1970s as a painter, but swiftly expressed himself in works which blurred the distinction between painting and photography. His favourite theme is the human figure, which he captures in fragments, as in the black and white images in the FRAC Centre collection, which show fingers and legs in an indistinct and deliberately blurred way, at times even as if erased.  In his photographs, Zidlicky creates a strange and surrealist world where the superpositions and inversion of negatives, the erasures and lines drawn by hand also on the negatives, the marks and sepia colour make the bare bodies, floating in space, indecisive (Wasp-waist 1996-2004; Dramatic Scene (Escape) No3, 1988; Loss of Balance 1987-2007). These images thus establish a tension between something dreamlike, eroticism and violence (You and Me II, 1982)--violence of the gesture which crosses out the image underlining or amputating the bodies, and violence of the situations, themselves at times dramatic. This tension thus also results from a form of contradiction between the celebration of the naked female bodies and their degradation, between the finite and the non-finite (Four Figures(Rest) No2, 1987-88). Zidlicky talks about his praxis in terms of an almost “animal” need to manipulate the original image; his systematic graphic works enable him to truly express his intentions as if, without them, the truth was not completely expressed and as if the message were only on the surface”, he explains. Zidlicky’s oeuvre has been regularly exhibited in Europe since the 1980s and in France in particular.

Nadine Labedade