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Sans titre

Sans titre, 1982

Christian Sindou
  • Artist (1945)

The first solo exhibitions of the French artist Christian Sindou, born in 1945 in Limoges, were held in 1981-1982. For the painter, that period was marked by the idea that artistic language is nothing other than a system of signs. Abstract structures organized by interwoven colours were first revealed in series of diptychs and quadriptychs where full and empty canvases were associated. The form, reduced to the expression of a comma, ended up by covering the whole surface of the pictures, a surface governed by the repetition and dynamic of this fragmentation of the gesture. The work owned by the FRAC Centre is typical of this kinetic effect produced by the superpositions of a systematic motif which is developed continuously “all over”. In his most recent works, Christian Sindou uses a reduced formal repertory, in soft tones, which he always arranges in the form of polyptychs.

Nadine Labedade