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Peinture N°2

Peinture N°2, 1984

Jean-Pierre Péricaud
  • Artist (1938)

The work of Jean-Pierre Pericaud, born in 1938 in Paris, has its sources in American painting and Minimal Art. For Pericaud, space is above all the space of the virgin, white canvas, stretched on a stretcher which, like a page, awaits the artist’s gesture, but not the gesture produced by impulses. Pericaud’s approach is more analytical. The paint is spread on the edges and in the corners of very large canvases, leaving room for empty areas which play a role that is just as important as the purely visual factors. Colour is not mixed, it is applied with a sponge, and objectively named after its own name: green, yellow, blue, red, as in the work Peinture No2. This scaling back of means, together with the relation between the medium and the gesture, and serial variation all represent the recurrent themes in the painter’s way of thinking. The numerous drawings produced by the artist lead to a continuous reading of his oeuvre, where graphics and picture may be regarded either isolatedly or as part of a whole. Through this structural organization, which calls to mind the praxis of a “reading” such as Mallarmé proposes in Le Livre, Jean-Pierre Pericaud forces us to analyze the phenomenon of understanding painting by calling into question the very space in which the work of art takes place.

Nadine Labedade