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Charriots, 1989-1990

Didier Morin
  • Artist (1956)

The author, photographer and video-maker Didier Morin (born in 1956 in Tours) uses various media ranging from imagery to sound. He has published Les Semelles d’or/ Golden Soles, contributes regularly to the magazine Night, in New York, founded the magazine Mettray, in 2001 and made the film Le voyage d’Yves Klein. In his large format photographic work, Morin manages to “turn himself into a sculptor”. He actually manages to work with different materials which he captures in the lens. Since his earliest days, Didier Morin’s entire oeuvre has thus been rooted in a space that is more physical than territorial. Nighttime scenes shot at the Carnac site between 1981 and 1989 with a Polaroid camera issue from an almost physical ritual. As the artist explains, “In 1985, after a lot of tests, I stuck to one particular method: by counting my footsteps, I placed myself at about four metres from a menhir, with the photographic chamber in a vertical position and resting against my chest, its shutter open, I triggered a flash at the end of each inhalation and each exhalation, and I did this for a little more than a minute. My breath and breathing determined the recording, and impregnated the stone.” In other series, blocks of black stone placed on a trolley in the depths of the Noyant la Gravoyère mines (Les Epreuves, 1988-89) are for their part presented like old skins marked with wrinkles. In Or Tanger, Or Barcelone (1991-95), Morin covers photographs of Tangiers and Barcelona with gold, following a powerful visual experience in a library in Coimbra (Portugal) where the gilded spines of the books made the light vibrate. Influenced by the work of Jean Genet and Yves Klein, Morin retraces their itinerary by setting up 20 destinations for each one of them from Marseille. These travels, which involve as much a quest for self as a quest for the other, lead the artist to series of images and film. Since 1986, the artist’s work has been regularly shown in France and abroad.

Nadine Labedade