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Patrick Lanneau
  • Artist (1951)

The painter, draughtsman and video-maker, Patrick Lanneau, born in 1951 in Tours, studied at the Tours School of Fine Arts between 1971 and 1973, and graduated from the Nice School of Decorative Arts (Villa Arson) in 1977.  Since 2000, he has been teaching at the Villa Thiole, EMP in Nice.  His first paintings (1979-85) show bodies, either isolated or in pairs, in allusive landscapes (No6, No7).  The stridency of the colours, the schematic nature of the forms and the way the paint is worked evoke a dreamlike, weightless world.  More recently, Lanneau has devoted himself exclusively to landscape, which becomes increasingly evasive.   The practice of drawing, be it on paper or digital, and video complement this research into the landscape with its atmospheres and its subtle variations.

Nadine Labedade