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Mimmo Jodice
  • Artist (1934)

The self-taught photographer Mimo Jodice, born in 1934 in Naples, embarked on his artistic activities in the mid-1960s.  At that time he undertook research into cut-outs and collages of images.  Then, in the setting of the revolution of the 1970s, when he became interested in marginal social groups (Il ventre del colera, 1973; Chi e devote, Feste popolari in Campania, 1974), his photographic works conveyed a removed and documentary approach to the world and placed him on the cusp of two tendencies, one close to instantaneity, the other more conceptual.  With Vedute di Napoli (1980), Mimo Jodice introduced a new chord, that of the Mediterranean landscape.   He was part of that generation of Italian artists for whom the landscape became an analytical terrain, thereby redefining the landscape identity of Italy and other places.  The series of 21 black and white photographs produced in 1984 as part of a commission by the FRAC involving the landscape of the Centre region proposes a set of views, taken with a 50mm lens, which exclude any anecdotal aspect and all human presence.  Bits of building framed close up, tourists sights without any visitors, railings, and silent landscapes tend to reveal an atmosphere of the place, outside any precise time-frame.  The attention to light, fog, and contrasts of light and shadow creates a non-narrative sequence which, through the particular quality of the framing and the viewpoints, nevertheless suggests possible stories in these transfigured landscapes.  We find these features again in the series Città visibili (2006) showing the architecture of metropolises, a series published to mark his appointment as Doctor Honoris Causa.  Mimo Jodice won the Feltrini Prize in 2003, and showed his work in France in a retrospective at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris in 2010.

Nadine Labedade