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Transect suivant un axe Nord/Sud

Transect suivant un axe Nord/Sud, 1985

Paul Armand Gette
  • Artist (1927)

Transect suivant un axe Nord-sud, a work produced as part of a commission by the FRAC Centre about the region’s landscape, illustrates the approach developed since 1956 by Paul Armand Gette (born in 1927 in Lyon), and more especially his research to do with “nature as a creative line of conduct:  contribution to the study of cramped spaces”, started in 1972.  This work is a kind of photographic and graphic circuit resulting from travels around the cultural heritage and geological iconography of the Centre region:  mineralogical objects, samples taken, and collections.  For Gette, the environment is a place of investigation, where scientific measurements and poetic ways of looking at things occupy the same space:  the writings which go hand in hand with the work are to be appreciated like landmarks and proposals.  Through lectures, publications, exhibitions and videos, Gette, who is neither a scientist, nor a painter, nor a photographer, but all three at once, tries to destabilize the codes and rules which govern our perceptive and visual habits.  Since 1959, he has been pursuing an unusual approach at the crossroads of science and art, painting, photography and sculpture, sound, text and image.  After studying chemical engineering in Lyon, Gette became involved with art and exhibited for the first time in 1960 in Lyon with the work Variations géologiques.  This was followed by Cristallisations verbales, Momies et Insectes (1964), and Cristaux (1967-1969).  In 1970, he produced his first “descriptive approaches” of ordinary places mixing black and white photographs, drawings, films, videos, and things taken from sites.  The naked young girls also appeared at this time and would become a recurrent them in his work up until Toucher du modèle (1984-1986), La Liberté du modèle (1991-2004), and Les Chroniques d’Aphrodite (from 1994).

Nadine Labedade