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Sans titre

Sans titre, 1984

Joël Frémiot
  • Artist (1947)

Joël Fremiot, who was born in 1947 in Paris, studied at the Bourges National School of  Fine Arts, and started exhibiting in 1973.  As both a painter and writer of poetry, he has contributed to many poetry and art magazines since 1965, and has produced publications and exhibited his works, alone and with other artists, essentially in France.  In particular, between 1973 and 1975, he took part in collective exhibitions held by painters belonging to the Supports/Surfaces group.  His pictorial work of the 1970s, with bright colours embedded in lozenges and triangles, developed towards a very spare use of means in the 1980s.  The totally fragmented space then made way for canvases that were always free and worked directly on the floor, but suddenly voided at the lower edge and in which, this time around, arched forms rose up.  A reduced palette, minimal graphic style and large formats were henceforth the ingredients of his visual vocabulary.  For Joël Fremiot, painting presents what one does not usually see, it has to bring forth what does not belong to the visible world.  His present-day works extend this quest, which is nevertheless being expressed in smaller formats and with diverse media—wood, paper and canvas.

Nadine Labedade