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Les Oiseaux migrateurs

Les Oiseaux migrateurs, 1984

Bracha Ettinger
  • Artist (1948)

Before coming to France to devote herself to painting, Bracha Ettinger (born in Tel Aviv in 1948) had a variety of jobs, in tandem with her artistic activities:  she worked in psychiatric university hospitals in Tel Aviv and London, she was a scriptwriter for documentary films and she worked as assistant manager in a theatre.  She settled in Paris in 1981 and started to exhibit after studying at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs.  By involving subjectivity and individuality, Bracha Ettinger only gives little credit to the aesthetic categories usually used.  Through many different forms of expression, pictures, and drawings, isolated or in groups, either impressive or tiny in size, the artist tries to show us the hidden face of things.  The work titled Les oiseaux migrateurs II remains abstract while containing the image of birds in flight, through the fact that it evokes them.  The painted object is not the result of an observation of things but much more the construction of their memory, their time frame, and what is not visible at first glance.  With a PhD in arts, and a Masters in psychoanalysis, Bracha Ettinger is also a theoretician and a psychoanalyst teaching at the European Graduate School at Saas-Fee in Switzerland.  Her work has been exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Face à l’Histoire (1996-97), in Elles@centrepompidou (2009), and at the Angers Museum of Fine Arts with an exhibition titled Le cabinet de Bracha, installed in the graphic arts department.  Drawings, paintings and artist’s books produced between 1981 and 2011 reveal the privacy of recollections and snippets of life through images where the figures become blurred or erased, and are mingled and overlaid, like so many enigmatic apparitions.

Nadine Labedade