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Série n°1

Série n°1, 1984

Martine Diemer
  • Artist (1948)

Martine Diemer, who was born in 1948 in Bois-Guillaume, devoted herself to painting, drawing, photography and installation after studying the piano in Rouen.  In 1992, she put on the exhibition Un fantôme n’a pas de pieds/A Ghost Has No Feet at the French Cultural Centre in Palermo, and, in 2006-2007, she took part in the exhibition Peintres de la vie moderne at the Centre Georges Pompidou.  Her 1984 work Sans titre/Untitled, which presents a series of four drawings on brown paper, painstakingly installed with a gap of 26 cm between each of them and affixed using fine pins, illustrates her interest in issues of hanging and the relationship between the work and the exhibition venue.

Nadine Labedade