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Bataille, 1986

Hervé Di Rosa
  • Artist (1959)

Hervé di Rosa was born in 1959 in Sète and was very soon noticed, when he had completed his studies at the Sète School of Fine Arts, by Bernard Lamarche-Vadel, a French art critic who was won over by the world depicted in this young artist’s paintings, and decided to invite him, together with Robert Combas and François Boisrond, to an exhibition in Paris in 1981, titiled Finir en beauté (Ending with a Flourish).  That show, which would bring together the whole French art milieu for the opening, lay at the root of the Figuration Libre/Free Figuration movement.  It was in reaction to the artistic tendencies coming from the United States, where conceptual theories and experiments were predominant, that a new generation of artists appeared in France, whose preoccupations and references were those of rock music, comic strips and television.  Di Rosa’s favourite subjects are a caricature of the present-day world, combined with the particular very colourful suggestions of his personal world, which is at once lively and angst-ridden.  The silkscreened work titled Bataille/Battle is an appropriation of the grand subjects of official painting.  Weird beings with the most inventive of forms, robots, and enemies of every shape and size are directly inspired by the codes of the comic strip, science fiction, and literary genres regarded as minor, such as espionage, funny and violent adventures, and rudimentary narratives.  The different manners of expression are exposed in order to become accessible to everyone by promoting the so-called inferior modes of expression.  Hervé di Rosa’s oeuvre has been shown in major exhibitions, mainly in France, the United States and Mexico.

Nadine Labedade