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©François Lauginie

Nacre, 1983

Luis Da Rocha
  • Artist (1945)

Born in 1945 in Oliviera de Azemeis, Portugal, the artist Luis de Rocha is a traveller, both in an imaginary sense and in reality—he has moved house frequently, living in London, Toulouse, Montauban, Paris, and Vich in Switzerland, then returning to Paris, which he duly left again, before returning to it once more. Since 1967, his multi-facetted oeuvre, encompassing painting, drawing, sound installation, decoration, video and publishing, has also involved the public place. In 2002, at Vale de Cambra in Portugal, he built the Monument Dedicated to St. Peter. His painted oeuvre has been organized in series with evocative titles including Great Walls of China (1976-78), Exquisite Dreamers (1985), Reds (1986-87), Archipelagos in the Milky Way (1999) and Talismans (2002). Most of them, using mixed techniques, also incorporate newspapers (Great Walls of China) and elements in relief, like the butterfly in the Nacre/Mother-of-pearl canvas. Canvases in one and the same series are marked by the idea of traces, processes in the throes of being worked out, and randomness, and conceived like a continuum, akin to the marks of a state of painting and gesture. Luiz de Rocha is the producer of WYSIWAI (What You See Is What Art Is),and director of the Milky Way Laboratory; he also lectures in several art schools and museums.

Nadine Labedade