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Couple de femmes aux Tuileries

Couple de femmes aux Tuileries, 1984

Laurent Chabot
  • Artist (1951)

The self-taught painter Laurent Chabot, who was born in 1951, adopted the colour yellow very early on, and in a systematic way, in his painting and photography.  “This colour persists and accompanies me day and night”, he writes.  Marked by his childhood in the countryside in the Vendée, by fields of wheat and the leaden light, he tirelessly painted landscapes and scenes observed in towns (Two Women at the Tuileries), dissolving the forms in the expanse of solar colour.  He exhibited for the first time in 1981 in Tours, and then found his way into Paris galleries. Referring to Monet and Van Gogh, as well as Yves Klein and Mark Rothko, he painted haystacks, large yellow suns, deserts, fields of wheat, and circular forms, first with a charcoal sketch, which he would then cover with yellow.  Laurent Chabot plunges us into colour, gets rid of any skyline and spatial landmark, suggesting, on the contrary, the idea of distant horizons that are impossible to reach.

Nadine Labedade