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Thierry-Loïc Boussard
  • Artist (1950)

The French painter Thierry-Loïc Boussard (1950-2012),who was born in Vannes, was trained first at the Ecole Boulle between 1966 and 1970. He started exhibiting in 1971 and, a few years later, he ran the associative gallery “Dépôt” in Bourges and published a series of “Cahier” portfolios. Be it houses, cyclists or landscapes—Thierry-Loïc Boussard said he could “paint anything”--, the subjects he chose were, in reality, a pretext for looking at and defining our environment. Each theme was the object of a work involving series of canvases trying to exhaust the subject. The brightly coloured figures, at times simplified to the point of being archetypes (No9 and No10, in the series of houses, for example), seem clearly defined, as if torn from their context. It was not a question for the artist of rendering an observed scene in an exact way but, on the contrary, of releasing the feelings inspired in him by places and people.

Nadine Labedade