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Le Cheval

©François Lauginie

Le Cheval, 1983

Jean-Philippe Aubanel
  • Artist (1953)

The work of Jean-Philippe Aubanel, who was born in Lyon in 1953, combines painting with the production of short texts. After spending his boyhood in Portugal, he studied at the Schools of Fine Arts in Aix-en-Provence, Paris, and Lyon. His trips to Tunisia, New York and the Netherlands had an influence on his early canvases, marked by bright colours organized in large colourful areas, figurative and abstract alike. The recurrent themes of the self-portrait, the high-speed TGV train, and a certain number of animals like horses and fish (Le cheval, 1983), along with his frequent recourse to the Bébert and Ginette model (Auto-Ginette, 1983) made up a repertory of forms in which the spectator must interpret a nostalgic representation of childhood memories just as much as an iconography which, reference-like, brings out landmarks chosen from the West’s current situation and cultural history.  Le cheval, for example, may conjure up the repetition of the unvarying and simplified subjects of rock art.  Aubanel’s work is often exhibited in solo and group shows, mainly in France and Switzerland.

Nadine Labedade