The functional features of the new building

The FRAC Centre has at its disposal a facility perfectly adapted to its tasks of dissemination and public reception, with an overall surface area of about 3000 sq. m./32,000 sq. ft..
The FRAC Centre collection devoted to art and experimental architecture is permanently accessible in a gallery (375 sq. m./4,000 sq. ft.) which displays the emblematic works of the collection; it subsequently puts on repeated shows.
Visitors follow a temporary exhibition circuit (1100 sq. m./12,000 sq. ft.) throughout the U-shaped building. Five exhibition rooms in all houses monographic and thematic shows.
School children henceforward have access to an educational workshop (MicroLab) (180 sq. m./2000 sq. ft.), while researchers and students will soon be able to come by appointment to consult publications in the documentation centre.
The FRAC Centre also has outside reserves holding works on the outskirts of Orléans with an overall surface of 1500 sq. m./16,000 sq. ft., in compliance with conservation standards.
The Turbulences is a place where the public is welcomed and visitors find guidance. This multipurpose space is also a convivial place with an area for light refreshments, a screening room, a bookshop, presentation of works, etc.
Visitors also have access to the garden (400 sq. m./4300 sq. ft.), a setting filled with plants situated behind the building, designed as a place of relaxation. The garden has its own specific programming: presentation of works, open air cinema, etc.